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Driving directions

You can follow these directions, or use the direction finder below. By entering your address information, and clicking "GET DIRECTIONS", you will be redirected to mapquest and given driving directions.

From I 84 East or West

Take exit 16. At end of ramp turn right onto CT route 188.

Travel 2.8 miles on 188. At traffic light turn right onto CT route 64.

Travel 0.5 miles on 64 then take sharp left onto Upper Whittemore Rd.

Travel 1.5 miles  to second stop sign, this is a 4 way intersection, go straight onto Old Watertown Rd. Old Watertwn Rd becomes Quassapaug Rd.

Travel 1.5 miles, Busy Acres Tree Farm will be on the left.


From Litchfield area

Take CT route  61 South from the town of Morris.

Travel through the town of Bethlehem.

From the center of Bethlehem travel 3 miles to the intersection with route 6.

Go straight across intersection onto Quassapaug Rd.

Busy Acres Tree Farm is 2 miles on the right.

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